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House Loan

Apply for House Loan today and get an adequate capital and financial assistance to build your own house.

Auto Loan

Be your own boss by buying a car for Uber/Bolt with convenient installment payments.

Pavilion Savings

With our savings plan you can now save a portion of your daily, weekly or monthly profit with ease.

Personal Loan

Our Personal loan is a fixed-rate loan without collateral and repaid in monthly installments over a specific term.

SME Loan

Our SME Loan offfers funds to small and medium-sized enterprises, and represents a major function of the general business finance market.

Fixed Deposit

Pavilion Trust Limited offers Fixed deposit at very attractive interest rates for a minimum of 90days to earn up to 20% interest per annum.

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We run an integrity-based practice, anchored on honesty and transparency. Our competitive edge is derived from speed of service delivery, aided by a team of seasoned professionals.

We deliver innovative, value added and unrivaled services to our customers in an environment conducive to promoting strong organizational culture and values which enables us to attract, nurture and retain talented staff.
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